Missing In Action

Hello friends!

wedding 5

We are back and have an announcement, during these past couple of months Raphael and I have been planning our wedding that took place in Napa, California on Friday December 29, 2017.

Raphy and I have been together for almost 6 years, and time has really flown for us. We’ve always known that one day we would get married when the time was ‘right’. Then next thing you know 5 years passes by, and we realize no moment is ever going to feel like the perfect time for us. Fast forward–to planning our wedding in just over 1 month.

We can say with no regrets it was perfect just how we pictured it small, very intimate, and filled with love with the people we love. We are sorry to have been gone for such good chunk of time. But we just wanted to have all focus on our special day, and enjoy each and every moment of planning it all out. It was definitely the best way to end our 2017, and begin the new year on this new journey of marriage.

We wanted to pop on here and share some photos with all of our friends here. Hope you enjoy!


wedding 6

wedding 2

wedding 4


All smiles

Thank you all for reading, we will be back with more soon!

Red Abalone, Sonoma Coast

Hello friends!

It’s approaching the end of abalone season where we live, and we recently got the chance to go out looking for some during a low tide. Most people dive for abalone but it is quite dangerous even if you are a well seasoned swimmer the waters off the Sonoma Coast here in Northern California can be some of the coldest and roughest out there. Instead we take another approach and wait for a negative low tide to go out and harvest the abalone closest to shore. There are many rules and regulations to stay up to date on when it comes to going for abalone or just fish and game in general. It’s crucial to follow and keep updated with these in the state you live.

A group of us drove out a few hours on two separate days, in hopes of getting the limit of 3 abalones per person per day (of course with proper license and tags). Once we got to the place we parked and trekked through rocky, slippery wet coastline til we got to the desired spot about a 45 minute walk from the where we parked.

Since we are novice at this we did end up leaving empty-handed as far as abalone go. Although it was still fun to see all of the tide pools and living creatures that reside on the coastline. One of our friends was able to get a couple of abalone and here are some from the two separate days we went, On the first day we attempted the low tide was later in the day around 1-2pm so it was a lot easier getting the spot because most of the rocks were dried up by the sun. On day two it was a darker, misty, foggy early morning negative tide which meant that the rocks were extra slippery because there was no sun to help dry them so it was more difficult but a doable more wet hike.


It is really beautiful there and worth the rugged trek, so much to see from sea snails to hermit crabs to little fish and star fish, sea urchins, mussels, and all kinds of sea weed and barnacles ect the list is endless.


The one friend that was able to get a couple abalone let me snap some pictures their shells are very beautiful and vary in colors so they’re all different. And many people are able to make jewellery, ash trays and all kinds of neat things with the huge shell they carry.


Thank you for reading, the season opens up again from August to October where we live so we will do an updated post if we end up getting one we will let you guys know!

Niche Cafe

Niche Cafe, Fairfield California

If you are like us, you love visiting any town’s small businesses, there is just something about them that franchised stores can’t offer. Maybe its the charm or the quaint vibes, they always carry the coolest items that aren’t available at other shops. Things such as home-made soaps, candles and so much more. We wanted to start a series where we share a few of our favorites spots with you all. In hopes that you find them just as excellent as we do. Please let us know in the comments below, if you have a favorite cafe you frequent.

These are some pictures I snapped from the other day. They’re Christmas ready!


Niche Cafe, this is the go to spot for Raphy and I. Anytime we want coffee, tea, soup, sandwiches, or a lovely pastry or two this is where we go. Located in a business center up on top of Hilborn Rd, it is easy to miss. There are signs placed on the street corners as you drive up the hill, so keep an eye out! Please take sometime out of your day to visit and support your local small businesses. The owner Natalie is always so kind and welcoming her Cafe/boutique has all kinds of cute little knickknacks anything from seasonal goods to baby and wine accessories.

They have cute outdoor patio style seating surrounded by aluminum planters. The food is always on point with a wide variety of options to choose from. They also hold small events such as paint and wine classes, where you can learn how to paint a picture and drink your weight in wine 🙂 Niche also offers catering options for any event you may have coming up. If you enjoy coffee shops and cute things, this is the spot for you to check out. My favorite thing to get there is a Chocolate Assam frappe. Its Assam tea with cocoa powder blended with ice and milk, absolutely yummy. Raphy’s favorite go to drink would have to be a tuxedo latte with whip. (they even offer house made chocolate whip cream to top off any drink of your choice.). We also love their lemon bars, and seasonal pumpkin pastries, try them out if you get the chance. But if you stop by for breakfast, brunch or lunch and you aren’t into these types of drinks they also offer beer, soda, sparkling water and other refreshments. Follow them @nichecafe on Instagram and Facebook.