Reishi Mushroom Cocoa

5 Ingredient Chocolate Reishi Goodness.


This is our simple take on this adaptogenic drink that we have incorporated into our routine. Reishi mushroom has so many benefits and to learn more you can click here. There are many forms of this drink out on the market today, so we decided to share our simple at home version. But if you are new to adaptogens then we do recommend you start of in small doses to see how your body response. Reishi is very bitter, so this recipe is great for a beginners, because you can always adjust to taste.

This drink really hits the spot on a chilly night, (served warm)

  • 1/4 – 1/2 tsp- Reishi powder (very strong, and bitter start with less at first)
  • 1/2-1 tbsp- Organic cocoa powder (adjust to taste)
  • 1 tbsp- Organic Coconut sugar (adjust to taste)
  • **Optional add 1 scoop Vital Proteins collagen powder.
  • Warm up some milk and add to your blender, we prefer using any plant base milk.


Blend up and enjoy! Really hope you all give this a try at home and let us know how it goes 🙂

Favorite Podcasts August 2018

Hello friends!

We wanted to share some podcast we’ve been loving and that have been apart of our daily routines for sometime now.

We try listening to podcasts instead of turning on the tv or radio we find it helpful to keep us always learning, growing and being more conscience and present each day.

  1. Optimal Living Daily – A pod cast that narrates articles, blogs, and even books to help you live a better life.
  2. Optimal Relationship Daily – Talks about bettering each of the relationships in our lives articles that touch on parenting, love, marriages and ect.
  3. Glowing Up – A very funny, womanly podcast about health, beauty, and lifestyle and just glowing up in general.
  4. Self Service – Advice, and motivation from business to self-care.
  5. Spark My Muse – Deep talks on spirituality and mindfulness.

If you get the chance to listen to any of these please let us know. And if you have any podcast you want recommend to us it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading! 🙂



Matcha Tea

Hello Friends,

We’ve been drinking matcha tea for many years now, there are so many benefits to drinking matcha I will link an article here where you can read up on it. We both enjoy the cleaner taste of while still getting the caffeine in, instead of having a cup of coffee which we find can be a little too heavy at times. (We still do enjoy coffee too)

Matcha is just great hot, in a latte, or ice-cold it’s just another alternative when you aren’t in the coffee mood. We do not drink Matcha with any sugar in it, and that’s really key for us to not have the unnecessary sugar added to our day unlike with coffee where we prefer a little bit of sweetness added. We don’t really prefer it in our matcha.

We’ve tried out a few brands and have found only a couple that we really like to repurchase. One of our favorites has to be Ippodo Tea. But honestly, it can be quite costly if you drink it on a daily basis like we do. Another brand that we like that is Mizbuba Tea Co. we find them to be more affordable, but never lacking in quality if you’re interesting in purchasing I will link their website for you, you can also read up more on the company. We also wanted to share a discount code we found through their Instagram, which we weren’t sure if it would still be valid, so I emailed with the company and they said it should be good from here on out. For 10% off all orders use: InstaTeaTime

We always make sure to use this discount when we place an order extra savings is always nice. We are not affiliates by any means just really enjoy their matcha.

We’ve been enjoying matcha simply lately, we got this idea from LeefromAmerica’s Instagram check her out we love her content. This is a super simple, easy no need to boil hot water or whisking involved way to enjoy your matcha.

Directions to simple ice cold matcha:

  1. Take a jar that you have a lid to, we just used a good ol’ mason jar.


2. Place 1 tsp. of matcha powder in, then place a few ice cubes into jar (please put however much you like of both). Fill 2/3 jar with filtered water,


3. Lastly shake vigorously until you see no lumps of matcha, and boom it’s done and ready for your enjoyment. It should be nice and frothy at the top.


4. I then fill the rest of the jar up with more filtered water after shaking, (having a bit of space at the top helps it become nice and foamy.)

Please feel free to add stevia drops as we do once in while, or your favorite milk. We’ve been enjoying Oat milk a lot lately, but we also reach for the unsweetened macadamia nut milk also.


Thanks so much for reading hope you all give this a try and enjoy!


Dyson v7 Car & Boat

Hello everyone!

We just want to give a little respect to this new toy we purchased and let people know the deal for the Dyson v7 Car & Boat. We’ve had a lot of small vacuums before this one different brands different styles but this one definitely is the top of the line as far as smaller handheld vacuums go.

The vacuum is able to run for 30mins on a charge which is pretty good for a very strong cordless. It comes with a lot of accessories for different tasks like the crevice tool, extension hose, dusting brush attachment, a combo brush tool, hard bristle brush, and this really nice motorized attachment. The motorized brush attachment is really awesome getting tough spots like when the animal hair weaves its way into the cushion and you have to pluck it out one by one because the vacuum isn’t cutting it.


This little vacuum really helps as hated carrying around the big clunky vacuums with the long extension cord following us around tangling up. It’s just so streamline now an empties out so easily just pull this red handle on top and all the mess fall out the bottom it’s really hygienic.

Costco had a great deal for this, we thought it was a little expensive $169.99 usd we were a little hesitant at first then did some research an found out on the Dyson website its selling for $239 usd its crazy deal, for great value. So we went online because they didn’t have it in our store here and purchased it and it was way worth it. We hope if you don’t already have one or its comparison cordless is the way of the future hop on the bandwagon get it from Costco before they realize how cheap their selling it 🙂

This vacuum is a life saver for reaching those spots that you didn’t even know existed. We use it a lot for getting our cat hair off of everything, or when we truck in dirt from a hike or from camping. We really recommend it!

Thanks for giving us your time hope you get something out of this.





Missing In Action

Hello friends!

wedding 5

We are back and have an announcement, during these past couple of months Raphael and I have been planning our wedding that took place in Napa, California on Friday December 29, 2017.

Raphy and I have been together for almost 6 years, and time has really flown for us. We’ve always known that one day we would get married when the time was ‘right’. Then next thing you know 5 years passes by, and we realize no moment is ever going to feel like the perfect time for us. Fast forward–to planning our wedding in just over 1 month.

We can say with no regrets it was perfect just how we pictured it small, very intimate, and filled with love with the people we love. We are sorry to have been gone for such good chunk of time. But we just wanted to have all focus on our special day, and enjoy each and every moment of planning it all out. It was definitely the best way to end our 2017, and begin the new year on this new journey of marriage.

We wanted to pop on here and share some photos with all of our friends here. Hope you enjoy!


wedding 6

wedding 2

wedding 4


All smiles

Thank you all for reading, we will be back with more soon!

Chocolate Almond Butter Banana Bread bites

Hello Friends!

We have a wonderful recipe we want to share with you all for our Chocolate Almond Butter Banana Bread bites A whole food healthier treat for everyone. The recipe is simple and includes some really great ingredients. Keep reading for the recipe and step by step instruction.

Chocolate Almond Butter Banana Bread bites Recipe

Makes 16 muffin sized bites, Prep Time 15 minutes. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 350°F. Until you are able stick a toothpick in and it comes out clean.


  • 1 1/2 Cup Spelt Flour – (Bobs Red Mill carries some, we picked ours up at a local health foods store in the bulk section)
  • 2/3 Cup Chocolate Chunks – (Semi Sweet or Dark/Milk your choice)
  • 2 Medium Eggs
  • 1/2 Coconut Sugar
  • 1/3 Cup Creamy Almond Butter
  • 3 Medium sized bananas
  • 1/4 Coconut Oil – Liquid
  • 2 Tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1/4 Tsp Baking Soda
  • 1/4 Tsp Baking powder
  • 1/4 Tsp Nutmeg
  • 1/4 Tsp Cinnamon
  1. Preheating oven at 350°F while that’s getting ready start mixing all dry ingredients together: Spelt Flour, Coconut Sugar, Baking Power, Baking Soda, and Spices.
  2. Next take another mixing bowl peel the bananas and mash them but leave them a bit chunky, because you will then add the almond butter and cream/mix together.

3. Take a cup or small bowl and beat the 2 eggs before adding into the wet mix. Then add the vanilla, and coconut oil and mix thoroughly.

4. Finally add the dry mix into the wet mix in small batches until you get a smooth thick batter.

5. Lastly add the chocolate chunks, one tip we like to use is to sprinkle a bit of flour on them before adding to the batter to ensure they don’t sink to the bottom. (You can save some for topping if you want a more ascetic presentation.)


7. Prep the muffin tins with liners, we wanted to make ours festive for October so we used Halloween themed liners.

Finished Product should look something like this. One tip is to let them cool down completely so that the sides don’t stick to the liners. As you can see in one of the photos we did not have any patience and had tried some fresh out of the oven then realized the sides were completely stuck to the liner.

Hope you all try out and enjoy this recipe it is a great treat for kids to through into their lunch bags, also great for adults with their tea and coffee anytime of the day. This is a yummy dense and rich tasting bite you can enjoy without the guilt. Please feel free to add any nuts or dried fruit of your choice. Even switch out the almond butter for peanut butter, cashew butter, any nut seed butter you like.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Life Update & Our Trip to Mexico

Hello friends,

We’ve been gone for a bit, but we have not forgotten about you all. We have just returned from holiday in Mexico, so for the month of July we were caught up preparing for our first international travel together as a couple. Which came with a bit learning curve for us, you know when you think you’re prepared but you never really know until you go through it kind of experience? Haha. . Yeah it was one of those times.

It feels good to be back and we wanted to share our trip and document it for ourselves also. Being our first international trip together to decided to go to Mexico because it wasn’t too long of a flight or too big of a time change for us. We stayed in Playa Del Carmen which is centrally located between Cancun and Tulum, Mx.


First arriving to Mexico we dealt with immigration then customs at the airport, after all of that chaos we finally stepped foot outside and were immediately hit with what felt like 98.2% humidity. It was seriously insane, we have never anything like this. Our camera lenses would fog up as soon as we went outside. It was different and pretty cool for us to experience.

Once we finally checked into the hotel we were completely worn out. Our flight landed were super early in the morning 5am in Mexico to be exact. Which meant we really landed 3am our time back in California, so we were tired for sure.

We had so many new experiences and we tried to see as much as we could during this trip so here are some pictures of our time there.

First place is breath-taking, Tulum we visited the old Mayan ruins and relaxed on a beach for as long as we could it was such a stunning magical and HOT place for us. As you can see in a picture we needed umbrellas for shade nonetheless, a must see!

We also visited Chichen Itza which was a much bigger scale Mayan ruin here we really got the chance to feel and be immersed into their rich history, culture, beliefs and rituals.

Took a ferry ride to an island near by Cozumel, did not capture too many pictures but we grabbed a quick dinner and also enjoyed some shops.

Visited Xcaret theme park, so much wild life and water activities in one park it was cool to see. A very refreshing trip.

Magical memories.


Hope you guys enjoyed and Please leave any packing, international traveling tips and tricks in the comments! Oh, and we want to know if any of you have ever visited Mexico share your experience with us too. We would love to hear from you guys 🙂

Joshua Tree National Park April 2017

Hello friends!

We finally got out to experience Joshua Tree, located in Southern California. It was beautiful and we plan on returning one day for sure. This trip has been on our list for some time now, and we’ve heard that spring time down in Joshua Tree is the ideal time to visit because the  flowers would be bloomed and the heat would not be as scorching since it is basically a desert climate. We camped at the first campsite as you enter the park Black Rock Campground it was called – this campsite was amazing it had potable water and running water in the sinks and toilets, which is kind of crazy for camping in our opinion, quite luxurious. But nonetheless it was a nice change from the campgrounds we frequent.

A very clean camp, and located near some awesome trails. We stayed for 1 day and 1 night, which was surprisingly enough time for us. There was an abundance of life from road runners, quails, to all different species of lizards and even an infamous desert tortoise that we could not find for the life of us. Various species of plants we’ve never seen before and unique terrain. We set up camp, hiked for a few hours and then came back and had dinner. The park is massive and filled to the brim with Joshua Trees at every turn. Joshua Tree is known for its unique huge rock and bolder formations as well as the Joshua Trees themselves. Unfortunately our campsite was not located close to these formations. But it was just a short 15 minute drive deeper into the park to Indian Cove Campground – to see a drastic change in landscapes.

We would definitely recommend Black Rock Campground if it is your first time visiting the park, for it offers many trails to hike and beautiful well maintain grounds. All campsites get booked up quickly, so we would recommend looking into reservations months in advance. Although once you go deeper into the park they do offer first come first serve campgrounds one of the most popular camps is Indian cove, and people love to visit camp and go rock climb, though you would have to bring your own drinking water since there is no running water that deep into the park. Next time we visit we would want to stay closer to the rock formations further away from city lights to get an amazing view of the stars.


Hope you all can enjoy the photos we were able to capture.

Sibling Fun!







Until Next time friends 🙂

Top Products #1

Hello all, we wanted to share some of our favorite random house hold, health, gadgets, cat, products. These are the things we have been loving.

This list is in no particular order, so here we go.

  1. This hanging planter we got at a yard sale in our neighborhood maybe a year ago. It came with some succulents but they were mostly dying. We planted new succulents and they seem to be really thriving in our California rainy season. During the summer months they seem to shrivel up even when they are watered periodically. Anyway we have been loving seeing them a bit more lively during this season. Plus we don’t have to water them!

2. We love Dr. Bronner’s products, because they have minimal ingredients. This pure castille soap can be use for many things such as cleaning and disinfection of piercings, cleaning brushes, shampoo, face wash, veggie wash and so on. These soaps come in many varieties, the one we use is the baby-mild version. (You can find large selections at CVS or Walgreen’s ) Castille soap comes concentrated so there are many  dilutions you can click-here for more information. All of their soaps come in soap bar options. Which I prefer to use on my makeup brushes and beauty blender ect. Raphy is a diesel mechanic which means his hands get really beat up, and greasy. This liquid castille soap is what he uses to degrease his hands (dilution is 1/2 liquid soap and 1/2 water) this works best for him.

3. Dr Bronner’s peppermint organic Lip balm, this lip balm is the best we’ve ever had. We like how emollient it feels on our lips. The ingredients are really clean. Though we have noticed a change in their formula we still love this. The old packing use to say Dr. Bronner’s MAGIC all in one lip balm, the ingredients are still the same but the feel on the lips is quite different. Overall we still gravitate towards this always.

4. Method – Ginger Mango laundry detergent, this detergent smells amazing. To us it does not smell like ginger at all. Maybe a really sweet lovely mango, honestly it is super hard to describe. Go to your local target and open the cap to smell it for yourselves, you will not regret it. We believe Method products are sold only at Target but we could be completely wrong, but we have only purchased them from there. We like this concentrated version of laundry detergent so far we’ve done about 20-22 full loads and it is lasting pretty long.

5. Method – Cucumber All purpose cleaner, we were looking for a simple house hold cleaner and decided to try this one out since the laundry detergent was so amazing. We like it so far, and use it to clean the cats messy eating mats, or any spills that occur on the kitchen table, bathroom ect. The scent is ok, not super strong but clean smelling.


6. Squeeze it – We picked this up at Bed Bath and Beyond and it has changed our tooth paste game. By that we mean it lasts so much longer and it does not allow for any waste of the product. I would recommend this for everyone! Super simple idea and completely functional and easy to use. A definite must have in our household.


7. Red Fuel – Portable charger this is the gadget we’ve been using a lot and yes there are a ton of them out there on the market we received this one from Raphy’s work. This charger allows up to 2 full charges per device. We both use it for our phones, and any other accessories like blue tooth speakers. This device comes in handy for us, we like to keep it charged up in our car or our back packs for those times you are out and about and need a charge.


8. Kind Wine – Soy candles  these candles have been adding the most lovely fragrance to our room as of late. We’ve really been enjoying this scent for the past couple of months. Since these are soy candles they burn slower meaning longer lasting, and they burn cleaner. Soy candles are our choice but this company takes the extra mile being environmentally friendly using repurposed wine bottles for each candle. This fragrance is Pomegranate Moscato which sounds super sweet, but it’s surprisingly more on the citrusy side in our opinion. We picked up these candles from HomeGoods, and World Market Cost Plus. If you get the chance to pick up some of these candles please give them a whiff.


9. Amazon’s Alexa – Honestly, we never though we would enjoy her as much as we do. She is very helpful, from creating shopping lists to playing music on que, finding movie times, checking the weather and traffic conditions, to being our alarm clock, setting timers, to our personal Amazon shopper. She can’t answer as many questions as Siri is able to. But honestly worth the $50 usd in our opinion because we use her everyday. When we create a shopping list we are able to view/add/delete each item on the Alexa app. Which has been helping us not forget things at the store now-a-days.

10. Cat Tower – Don’t know the brand name unfortunately, but Marshalls is where we found it. Our cats are very picky with cat toys, and scratch pad/towers. They are very hard to please. But we picked up this tower at Marshalls and it is the only one they like. We were extremely hesitant to purchase it, and were almost on the verge of returning it. Then all of a sudden one day we found our cats scratching the pad, and sitting on top of the tower. We were super happy to see they seemed to like it.

If you enjoyed this post please comment down below and let us know if you have tried out any of these products or if you have any recommendations also we would love to know.

My Mien Grandma

This is my grandma Seng Yoon she is from the mountains of Laos/Thailand. She came to America as a refugee in the year 1980 with her husband and their daughter, her story is one of many Mien people who came to the U.S. after the “Secret War”. The U.S. accepted Iu Mien refugees, because their country was just no longer safe for them. I was not planning on writing about my grandma anytime soon, but I just spent sometime with her today in her garden at the home I grew up in. Which just overwhelmed me with immense gratitude. Because that is where we bond the most. Any time spent with her is always time well spent. Doesn’t matter if she’s just showing me around her garden teaching me things or I’m helping her prepare our turkey and duck that we will be having for Thanksgiving. Our time can consist of anything from realizing there was no more rosemary in her garden, to forging for it on the back roads of Suisun Valley. No matter where we go whether it’s a Costco run with loads of people around, or shopping at Larry’s Produce we always manage to find a laugh in the midst of all the chaos around us. There is a huge language barrier between us, from my broken Mieniglish words to her just nodding her head at me. It is very hard at times to communicate with her, and I am sure she feels the same. I guess this is me showing my appreciation for her presence in my life even though she will never see it, or read it I felt the need to share that I’m so proud to be her granddaughter. Thank you Daa Gux. (I for sure googled how to spell that)

Here are some pictures of her little sanctuary.