Instax Mini Photo Collage

Hello friends!

We are back with a great photo display/storage idea for you all. These days Polaroid cameras and film have been discontinued and have limited availability to us the consumer. Fuji Film has made a come up with its line of Instax Photography cameras. Many people we know have these little convenient cameras, they are widely available online at Amazon, Michael’s (craft stores), Target, Best Buy all carry these. We will link off to Fuji Films Website where you can see all the available cameras and their variations. We’ll also insert a picture for you all to see what ours looks like.

These photos make cute little mementos to keep or give to friends and family. We love them because they are one shot, and you can’t retake the photo over 50 times, and choose which one you like (Really you could if you were willing to waste some film) anyway for this reason is why we also love disposable cameras, because you never know what you’re gonna get until its developed. Now-a-days we find ourselves and others so caught up in how the picture will look for social media platforms, instead of just enjoying the moment with our friends, family and loved ones. Please go check them out if you are interested.

Left to Right is the Mini film, Instax Camera, and photo.

We have had this Instax Mini 25 for about 3 years now, and we taken it with us on trips and events which means we have collected many snapshots.. honestly they started to become a bit too much to keep track of. Until, recently we were doing some spring cleaning we decided that we needed to do something about all of these pictures that were just lying around, we would literally find them in the most random places like our cars in our dresser drawers, kitchen counter ect. the list goes on and on..

Our solution was to create a collage of them and display it as one big picture. Which worked out really well. I mean we weren’t able to fit all of them into one frame, but we are certainly planning on buying more frames to frame as many as we can.

We chose a frame bigger than our cat as you can see, and just arranged them into a format we liked.

This is super simple and easy, and you will get an awesome piece to hang anywhere you like in your home.

You will need a frame of your choice, photos, and tape.

First thing we did was find a frame so our go to spots were Marshalls, Tj Max, Target, Ross, and Homegoods we went searching for the right style of frame for us and found ours at Homegoods for about $12 usd which is not a bad deal for the size and style of frame we wanted. This frame had a picture of a flower in it, but we took it out and flipped it around to display a white background for us to arrange our photos. Once you have got the right placement down, you can move on to taping the photos onto the white background.

TIP: Stick the tape onto your shirt or pants before folding it onto itself, this will take away some tackiness of the tape.

Then place the white background with the taped photos into the frame and close it up and pick your favorite spot to display the master piece.

Another tip that we like to do is label each photo whether it be with the date that the photo was taken or the people in it, or the occasion. We just like to know so that when we look back on it we can see where we were at during that year of our lives.

That was it guys, we know it’s so simple but wanted to share with you all in case you have some Instax mini photos that you just don’t know what to do with. This is a great affordable way to showcase some great memories. Please give this a try, and let us know if you did we would love to see pictures. Thanks for reading until next time! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Instax Mini Photo Collage

  1. This was very helpful. My granddaughter wanted one of these, but I didn’t know how well they worked. I appreciate your labeling them on the bottom. The giant collage is something she would enjoy making. Thanks.

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