Top Products #1

Hello all, we wanted to share some of our favorite random house hold, health, gadgets, cat, products. These are the things we have been loving.

This list is in no particular order, so here we go.

  1. This hanging planter we got at a yard sale in our neighborhood maybe a year ago. It came with some succulents but they were mostly dying. We planted new succulents and they seem to be really thriving in our California rainy season. During the summer months they seem to shrivel up even when they are watered periodically. Anyway we have been loving seeing them a bit more lively during this season. Plus we don’t have to water them!

2. We love Dr. Bronner’s products, because they have minimal ingredients. This pure castille soap can be use for many things such as cleaning and disinfection of piercings, cleaning brushes, shampoo, face wash, veggie wash and so on. These soaps come in many varieties, the one we use is the baby-mild version. (You can find large selections at CVS or Walgreen’s ) Castille soap comes concentrated so there are many  dilutions you can click-here for more information. All of their soaps come in soap bar options. Which I prefer to use on my makeup brushes and beauty blender ect. Raphy is a diesel mechanic which means his hands get really beat up, and greasy. This liquid castille soap is what he uses to degrease his hands (dilution is 1/2 liquid soap and 1/2 water) this works best for him.

3. Dr Bronner’s peppermint organic Lip balm, this lip balm is the best we’ve ever had. We like how emollient it feels on our lips. The ingredients are really clean. Though we have noticed a change in their formula we still love this. The old packing use to say Dr. Bronner’s MAGIC all in one lip balm, the ingredients are still the same but the feel on the lips is quite different. Overall we still gravitate towards this always.

4. Method – Ginger Mango laundry detergent, this detergent smells amazing. To us it does not smell like ginger at all. Maybe a really sweet lovely mango, honestly it is super hard to describe. Go to your local target and open the cap to smell it for yourselves, you will not regret it. We believe Method products are sold only at Target but we could be completely wrong, but we have only purchased them from there. We like this concentrated version of laundry detergent so far we’ve done about 20-22 full loads and it is lasting pretty long.

5. Method – Cucumber All purpose cleaner, we were looking for a simple house hold cleaner and decided to try this one out since the laundry detergent was so amazing. We like it so far, and use it to clean the cats messy eating mats, or any spills that occur on the kitchen table, bathroom ect. The scent is ok, not super strong but clean smelling.


6. Squeeze it – We picked this up at Bed Bath and Beyond and it has changed our tooth paste game. By that we mean it lasts so much longer and it does not allow for any waste of the product. I would recommend this for everyone! Super simple idea and completely functional and easy to use. A definite must have in our household.


7. Red Fuel – Portable charger this is the gadget we’ve been using a lot and yes there are a ton of them out there on the market we received this one from Raphy’s work. This charger allows up to 2 full charges per device. We both use it for our phones, and any other accessories like blue tooth speakers. This device comes in handy for us, we like to keep it charged up in our car or our back packs for those times you are out and about and need a charge.


8. Kind Wine – Soy candles  these candles have been adding the most lovely fragrance to our room as of late. We’ve really been enjoying this scent for the past couple of months. Since these are soy candles they burn slower meaning longer lasting, and they burn cleaner. Soy candles are our choice but this company takes the extra mile being environmentally friendly using repurposed wine bottles for each candle. This fragrance is Pomegranate Moscato which sounds super sweet, but it’s surprisingly more on the citrusy side in our opinion. We picked up these candles from HomeGoods, and World Market Cost Plus. If you get the chance to pick up some of these candles please give them a whiff.


9. Amazon’s Alexa – Honestly, we never though we would enjoy her as much as we do. She is very helpful, from creating shopping lists to playing music on que, finding movie times, checking the weather and traffic conditions, to being our alarm clock, setting timers, to our personal Amazon shopper. She can’t answer as many questions as Siri is able to. But honestly worth the $50 usd in our opinion because we use her everyday. When we create a shopping list we are able to view/add/delete each item on the Alexa app. Which has been helping us not forget things at the store now-a-days.

10. Cat Tower – Don’t know the brand name unfortunately, but Marshalls is where we found it. Our cats are very picky with cat toys, and scratch pad/towers. They are very hard to please. But we picked up this tower at Marshalls and it is the only one they like. We were extremely hesitant to purchase it, and were almost on the verge of returning it. Then all of a sudden one day we found our cats scratching the pad, and sitting on top of the tower. We were super happy to see they seemed to like it.

If you enjoyed this post please comment down below and let us know if you have tried out any of these products or if you have any recommendations also we would love to know.

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