Niche Cafe

Niche Cafe, Fairfield California

If you are like us, you love visiting any town’s small businesses, there is just something about them that franchised stores can’t offer. Maybe its the charm or the quaint vibes, they always carry the coolest items that aren’t available at other shops. Things such as home-made soaps, candles and so much more. We wanted to start a series where we share a few of our favorites spots with you all. In hopes that you find them just as excellent as we do. Please let us know in the comments below, if you have a favorite cafe you frequent.

These are some pictures I snapped from the other day. They’re Christmas ready!


Niche Cafe, this is the go to spot for Raphy and I. Anytime we want coffee, tea, soup, sandwiches, or a lovely pastry or two this is where we go. Located in a business center up on top of Hilborn Rd, it is easy to miss. There are signs placed on the street corners as you drive up the hill, so keep an eye out! Please take sometime out of your day to visit and support your local small businesses. The owner Natalie is always so kind and welcoming her Cafe/boutique has all kinds of cute little knickknacks anything from seasonal goods to baby and wine accessories.

They have cute outdoor patio style seating surrounded by aluminum planters. The food is always on point with a wide variety of options to choose from. They also hold small events such as paint and wine classes, where you can learn how to paint a picture and drink your weight in wine 🙂 Niche also offers catering options for any event you may have coming up. If you enjoy coffee shops and cute things, this is the spot for you to check out. My favorite thing to get there is a Chocolate Assam frappe. Its Assam tea with cocoa powder blended with ice and milk, absolutely yummy. Raphy’s favorite go to drink would have to be a tuxedo latte with whip. (they even offer house made chocolate whip cream to top off any drink of your choice.). We also love their lemon bars, and seasonal pumpkin pastries, try them out if you get the chance. But if you stop by for breakfast, brunch or lunch and you aren’t into these types of drinks they also offer beer, soda, sparkling water and other refreshments. Follow them @nichecafe on Instagram and Facebook.

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