My Mien Grandma

This is my grandma Seng Yoon she is from the mountains of Laos/Thailand. She came to America as a refugee in the year 1980 with her husband and their daughter, her story is one of many Mien people who came to the U.S. after the “Secret War”. The U.S. accepted Iu Mien refugees, because their country was just no longer safe for them. I was not planning on writing about my grandma anytime soon, but I just spent sometime with her today in her garden at the home I grew up in. Which just overwhelmed me with immense gratitude. Because that is where we bond the most. Any time spent with her is always time well spent. Doesn’t matter if she’s just showing me around her garden teaching me things or I’m helping her prepare our turkey and duck that we will be having for Thanksgiving. Our time can consist of anything from realizing there was no more rosemary in her garden, to forging for it on the back roads of Suisun Valley. No matter where we go whether it’s a Costco run with loads of people around, or shopping at Larry’s Produce we always manage to find a laugh in the midst of all the chaos around us. There is a huge language barrier between us, from my broken Mieniglish words to her just nodding her head at me. It is very hard at times to communicate with her, and I am sure she feels the same. I guess this is me showing my appreciation for her presence in my life even though she will never see it, or read it I felt the need to share that I’m so proud to be her granddaughter. Thank you Daa Gux. (I for sure googled how to spell that)

Here are some pictures of her little sanctuary.

6 thoughts on “My Mien Grandma

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I love to hear stories of people’s interactions with the mien culture. I say this because it is very rare for me.Thank for sharing that memory with us. We appreciate your kind words. 🙂


  1. That war was not a very big secret to those of us who followed “alternative” news. On a parallel note, I was in Guam for work in 1972 and watched B-52 bombers fly off to bomb Cambodia even though the “official word” was that we were not bombing there.

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