Allergies Kill

ROHTO are Japanese brand eye drops that have been my savior as of late. This product has really been helping me with my itchy, red eyes. I’ve been having this problem on and off for a while now. (For those who don’t know, I am allergic to cats and I happen to live with 2 that I love unequally.) ROHTO eye drops have been popular for quite sometime. I guess they have a special Fresh-kick Technology which gives a cooling sensation to the eye. I even have prescription allergy eye drops that don’t offer me the instant relief these drops do. They have many kinds that offer different levels of “Cooling” they’re separated into symptom categories on their website:

  1. Red– available in (Cool and Maximum strength)
  2. Multi-symptom (Ice),
  3. Dry eye (Hydra)
  4. Itch (Relief)

But I’ve honestly never seen the Orange “Itch Relief” version one in stores, because I would’ve bought them with the quickness. I have only tried the Cool and Ice versions, and the Ice version really burned. So I reverted back to the basic Cool version with much pleasure. I recommend starting with this “Cool” bad boy (depicted below)

Anyways check these eye drops out if you need that instant relief and like that pepperminty feeling in your eye  😉


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