Josie Bear Cat


Oh where to start.. We decided that it would be most fitting for our first post to introduce the apple of our eye, Josie. Yes, we are cat people. And yes, she runs our lives. We fight over her love, and affection all day errday. She’s 16 this year. She’s a bit cock eyed, and has the worse smelling breath no matter what we attempt to remedy it with. She’s asthmatic, and her sworn enemy is Dusty #dustywillmurderyou.


She literally has a clump of Josie’s fur between her claws.

Most people who know Josie know that her favorite treats are licking the mayo off the butter knife you left sitting on the table. Of course let’s not forget the bacon you have on your plate sitting next to her. She knows how to sit when prompted, and will come to you from the far stretches of land if she hears you crying under the covers.

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